Fully Custom

Couture Wedding Dresses for Vancouver Brides

You’ve been on an endless search and haven’t been able to find “the one”.

You have ideas but haven’t seen anything that excites you. With our fully custom package, we can either help piece together your wish-list elements, or can take inspiration from your aesthetic and dream up something new, just for you.

There will be several fittings along the way to perfect the fit, adjust the details, and choose your accessories.

(Price Point: starting at $5,000)

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Something no one else has

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Is this the right package for you?

This package is right for you if you are someone who wants something no one else has or that you can’t find elsewhere.

You also want to be fully involved in the process from start to finish and everything in between.

What’s included:

Design: Design consultation, design meeting to select fabrics and details, custom sketches

Fabrics: Choose from our samples or we can source something custom

Fittings: Custom measurements, muslin fitting, 1-3 fabric fittings to check fit & mark hem, final pickup

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The Process

Step One: Consultation

We offer a free custom dress consultation in our Vancouver studio. During your first visit, we will sit down with you and discuss ideas for your dress as well as try on pieces from our collection if you’d like.

Bring any pictures of styles that you like, and we can use them as inspiration and as a guide to creating your own custom garment.

During step one we will discuss fabric choices, time constraints, budget, and any concerns you may have about the appropriate style for your body type.

Step Two: Drawings

Using the ideas discussed during the consultation, we put together several ideas for your custom-made wedding dress.

We will explain each option to you and show you samples of fabrics that would work for each style.

At this stage, we will have quotes for each style including options for added details and fabric choice.

Once you have made your selections, we put everything in writing and take your measurements.


Step Three: Muslin Fittings

The first fitting will be a mock-up of your dress in a test fabric.

Wearing the same shoes and undergarments as you will be wearing for your special event, we will make sure that your custom piece looks good on you, and make any necessary alterations.

This step gives you the opportunity to get a preview of what your dress will look like, and the chance to make minor changes before your real fabric is cut.

Despite the unfinished seams and oatmeal colour, this is also the stage where we see the most excitement, as it is the first stage of your dream dress coming to reality.

Step Four: Fittings

At this stage in the process, you are introduced to your custom-fitted, uniquely designed creation.

Again wearing the appropriate underwear and shoes, you will try on your dress in our studio, and the experts at Kathryn Bass Bridal will assess your gown for fit, style, and comfort.

Appropriate adjustments will be made to ensure that the dress conforms with the design set out in step two.

The number of fittings you will have will depend on the complexity of the design and how the fit is working out.

Typically, we do 2-4 fittings along the way to completing the garment, but this will vary based on each client.

Step Five: Ready to Go!

It’s finished!

You now have a one-of-a-kind piece to wear on your special day.

When your event is over, please feel free to send us pictures.

We love hearing about how your event went!

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