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Violet is a strapless, sweetheart corset bodice that can be worn with our matching Sophie skirt for a classic look or with our Olivia skirt for a more boho look.

It is fully boned and ends at the natural waist.

If you need a little more coverage, it pairs beautifully with our Georgia topper.

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Poly duchesse, corded lace



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Sophie is a sophisticated two tiered netting and corded lace skirt. It features a subtle curved hem, with the front just above the knee and the back brushing the calves. The removable lining is made from stretch polyester satin and has a back zipper.

The dainty floral lace of our Sophie skirt matches our Violet top, so pair them together for a seamless look.

Wear it with a plain top and highlight your legs with the subtle high low hem or layer it with our long Elle skirt for a classic Grace Kelly look.


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Soft netting, corded lace, mayuki lining



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Georgia is reminiscent of the classic style icons. The dainty floral lace ends in a scallop hand applied to the edge.

Layer Georgia with our Sophie skirt and Violet top for a look inspired by Grace Kelly or pair it with a plain top and skirt to make a romantic statement.

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Corded lace