If you’re a bride-to-be but not local to Vancouver, please read below to learn about the options we have to create your custom wedding gown or combination of bridal separates.

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You want a wedding dress that is made ethically and fits perfectly. Well, you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what we do. Depending on the specifics of what you’re looking for and how involved you’d like to be, we have a few different ways to get you there.

Here’s an overview of ways we can work together to get you that dress. Scroll down to read more about what each tier includes.

Tier One

$1800& up
  • Shop Online
  • Choose from our stock fabrics
  • Select size from chart
  • Alterations not included

Tier Two

$2200& up
  • Design consultation via phone or video chat
  • Choose between stock & custom fabrics
  • Custom measurements
  • Fitting available by video chat

Tier Three - Coming Soon

$5000& up
  • Design Consultation by video chat & sketches
  • Choose between stock & custom fabrics
  • Fully custom pattern & fitting process
  • All alterations included for local pickup

You can have the perfect dress.

Here are the ways we can get you there.

A tall americano, a grande latte or a venti tea – whatever your drink of choice is, you like to see your choices laid out and you make your selection without major modifications (maybe adding a little milk or sugar).

In tier one you can choose a dress from our collection and have it reflect your personal style with simple customizations such as choosing colours, fabrics and interchanging tops and bottoms. You can create the dress you want without all the guesswork.

Once the dress is finished, it will be shipped to you to have altered locally, or you are welcome to pick it up from our showroom if you have plans to visit Vancouver.

Price point: $1800 – $4000

What’s included:

  • Design: Browse collections online. Feel free to reach out if you need advice!
  • Fabrics: Choose from our stock fabrics
  • Fittings: Dress will be shipped unless local pickup is arranged.

Optional ad-ons:

  • Custom measurements 
  • Muslin fitting 
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You see what you like on the menu and know just what you need to do to adjust it to perfection. Maybe you add peppermint syrup and extra shots to your mocha, or you prefer blonde espresso and light ice. Maybe you just want a half-sweet, no-whip white mocha that’s not 50% foam.

For those who have felt “it’s perfect BUT…”, “I wish it had…”, or “can we make it more…”, this tier is for you. You want a longer train? Done. A little less/more cleavage? No problem. Have a specific fabric or colour in mind? We can do that.

Starting with pieces from our collection as a base, we can go deeper into customizing to reflect specific ideas and wishes you have. For the ladies who aren’t local and have no plans to visit, we will book a phone call or Facetime appointment with you to go over options so you can feel confident in your choices.

Price point: $2200 – $4500

What’s included:

  • Design: Design consultation via phone or Facetime
  • Fabrics: choose from our samples or we can source something custom
  • Fittings: optional muslin fitting available by video chat

Optional ad-ons:

  • muslin fitting
  • sketch
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You’re one of those people. You know what you want and there’s no way it’s on the menu. You want a tall-half decaf-extra this-none of that-107 degree-made by a tap dancing unicorn wearing a top hat-in a venti cup. Some might say you’re extra. We say, bring it – we’ve got you.

You’ve been on an endless search and haven’t been able to find “the one”. You have ideas, but haven’t seen anything that excites you. In tier three, we can either help piece together your wish-list elements, or can take inspiration from your aesthetic and dream up something new, just for you.

We have an exciting new project in the works that will allow brides from anywhere to have the custom experience we offer to our local Vancouver brides.  Stay tuned for updates!

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