Frequently Asked questions about having a custom wedding dress made in Vancouver.

We are trained in fashion design and have experience working with lots of different body types.

We can look at the drawing, the fabric swatch and your body and can visualize the final result.

Our process is designed to help you visualize the final result as much as possible.

We have many photos and sample dresses in our studio that we can use to illustrate certain silhouettes, details, fabrics and colour combinations.

We do the first fitting as a mock up so you will see  how the dress will look on your body before we cut your real fabric.

You will also have your dress on 2-3 more times before it is completed so there will be no surprises!

Possibly! We do sell our samples, so if there is a style you like and it’s your size (or is alterable to your size) we can get you in that dress pretty quickly!

We also may be able to help you if you would still like something made.

Let us know your situation and we will try our best to help you!

Our pricing is based on the time and materials required to create each dress.

Factors such as  style details, fabrics, and time constraints can lead to differences in price.

We understand that everyone is working with a budget of some sort, and we are happy to make style suggestions and offer fabric choices that work as best as possible with your budget.

Typically, wedding gowns start at $1800 and bridesmaids’ dresses start at $400.

Time permitting, we will do alterations if you already have your dress.

We also can help you if you are looking for major alterations, for example you would like to wear your mother’s/sister’s/friend’s dress but it’s not quite your style…

Most wedding planners suggest shopping for your dress 6 to 9 months before your wedding date.

This gives our designers enough time to do necessary research, find fabric samples, and design a truly unique garment to suit your personal style.

However because we construct the dresses locally in our Vancouver studio, shorter time frames are possible, and can be discussed by contacting us.


During the consultation process, we will show you what the style you have chosen will look like across various different dress sizes.

Alternatively, we can work with you and your girls to design a coordinating set of dresses that flatter each girl’s unique body and personality and will also look consistent in your group photos.

We are happy to look at the the fabrics you have and tell you if they are suitable for the type of dress you are looking for.

In the event that they cannot be used, we will happily suggest other fabrics for you and attempt to find them.

We do not do copies of other designers’ work. We’re happy to look at photos with you to use as inspiration, then work with you to design a dress that’s unique and flattering to you.

Yes! Please fill out the form and we will get back to you to arrange the details.