“Wear a face mask.” they said.

“Okay,” we said, “but we’ll make it pretty.”

Our fitted face masks are made from cotton, (and lace for those of you feeling extra fancy), with elastic straps that won’t rip your hair out. We offer four different styles in a variety of sizes and colours.

These are not medical grade masks and they will not prevent you from getting sick. However, our health officials are now asking us to wear masks when out & about and they are staring to become a requirement in many places.

You can find more official-type information here (Federal) & here (Provincial)


Mask Information

The filter that we sent with your mask is made from two layers of shop towels. Shop towels have been shown to an effective material use for a filter. Click here to read more about it. You can wash your filter 2-3 times in hot water, dry and reuse.

To make your own filter, cut a 7 1/2″ square of shop towel and fold in half. Insert into your mask.

“But what if I don’t have shop towels?”

You can use a coffee filter, though this has been shown to be a little more difficult to breath through. In a pinch, you could also use regular paper towel. Our fitted masks are made from 3 layers of cotton (a plain weave cotton for both front and back and a layer of cotton flannel on the inside), and our pleated masks are made from 2 layers of cotton. Even if you use it without a filter, your mask can still help to keep most of your germs inside.

If you would like to purchase additional filters, you can do so here.

There is lots of information available about different types of filters and their effectiveness. Although we cannot speak to it’s accuracy, click here for a source we thought to be informative.

When you ordered your mask, you had the choice between the elastic going behind your head or around your ears.

If you chose the “behind the head” style, but realized you’d prefer “around the ears”, simply snip the elastic midway (what would be the back of your head) and re-tie the two left pieces and the two right pieces together to go around each ear.

If your mask is too lose, pull the elastic to where its’s comfortable and re-tie the knot. You can also cut off the excess if you’d like. For the “behind the ear” style, the knots are inside the casing on the end. Just shimmy the knot out (yes, that’s a technical term), re-tie and then shimmy back in!

We are not medical experts by any means, and advise you to do your own research on what works best for you.

You can find some more information here:

Federal Government
Provincial (BC) Government

How to Insert Your Filter

Putting On Your Mask & Taking it Off